“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers’ Reactions To Her Unexpected Interactions With SEVENTEEN Are Truly Priceless

She has become the most successful CARAT!

One of the hottest groups on the planet has to be SEVENTEEN. From the members’ talent, visuals, and charisma, the group is truly making a statement worldwide with their huge fanbase.

Members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Amongst the millions of fans, one celeb CARAT has recently gained attention from fans, and it’s none other than Wednesday actress Emma Myers.

Emma Myers as Enid in “Wednesday” | Netflix

Since the show started airing, netizens have found so much evidence and proof that Emma Myers is one of the biggest CARATs ever.

Well, it now seems as if the actress has truly cemented her status as a true fan… all within the past 24 hours.

In a video on Billboard‘s TikTok channel, members Joshua, Mingyu, and Dino literally slayed the iconic “Wednesday” dance. As expected, the internet was obsessed with the cover.

Yet, if fans were excited, nobody beat Emma Myers’ level of excitement. After seeing the clip, the idol shared the video on her own Instagram page…

Before adding a photo of herself, and she looked genuinely shocked by what she had just seen.

If that wasn’t enough, after seeing the members of the iconic “Wednesday” dance, Emma’s luck only seemed to intensify.

On Instagram, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when they saw SEVENTEEN member Dino reposted an Instagram story the actress shared after watching them.

Being an avid CARAT meant that Emma’s reaction to the post was even more iconic than the first. In the first response, she posted a screenshot of the story with the caption, “Yall I’m on the floor are you kidding me.”

But it was the next picture that had fans LOL’ing because the iconic actress then shared an image of herself literally on the floor, showing how excited she was about Dino reposting and @ her on Instagram.

After a whirlwind few hours in CARAT-land, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t get over how lucky Emma Myers is and the fact she is a truly successful SEVENTEEN fan.

Hopefully, with the huge popularity of both SEVENTEEN and Wednesdayit isn’t long before the actress and members actually meet. When it does happen, the world will be sent into a meltdown.

You can read more about Emma Myers’ love for SEVENTEEN below.

“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Reveals Her Ult K-Pop Group, And It Should Come As No Surprise

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