“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Is Going Viral After Explaining Why SEVENTEEN Only Has 13 Members To Jimmy Fallon

It is a question as old as time…

One of the hottest groups on the planet has to be SEVENTEEN. Since debuting in 2015, the members have gained attention for their unreal talent, visuals, and charisma. The group is truly making a statement worldwide with their huge fanbase.

Members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

One of the most famous CARATs has to be Wednesday actress Emma Myers.

Emma Myers as Enid in “Wednesday” | Netflix

Since gaining attention on the show, she has cemented her status as a true SEVENTEEN fan on so many occasions.

She even had the most relatable reaction to the most unexpected interactions with the members on Instagram.

Well, it isn’t surprising that even in 2023, Emma Myers is going viral for her love of SEVENTEEN.

On January 4 (local time), Emma Myers was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, she spoke about everything from her role in Wednesday, her preparation for the role, and, of course, K-Pop.

During the interview, Jimmy Fallon explained that there was a band that Emma was a huge fan of. He then shared that whenever Emma meets someone, she likes to introduce people to them… of course, it’s SEVENTEEN.

Like many K-Pop fans, Emma seemed reluctant to talk about SEVENTEEN if people didn’t want her to, luckily, Jimmy was quick to ask for an introduction to her favorite group.

Emma revealed that she has been into SEVENTEEN for about five years, as she started liking them when she was 15. Of course, Jimmy was ready and had a photo of the group on hand to show everyone.

Anyone who ever hears of SEVENTEEN for the first time, even if they’re K-Pop fans, always has one question: Why are they called SEVENTEEN if there are 13 members? Of course, Emma was quick to be ready with an explanation.

Very eloquently and for everyone to understand, Emma perfectly explained why SEVENTEEN only has three members.

There’s 13 of them, so it’s 13, right? And there are three different groups. You have hip-hop, performance, and vocal. And then there’s one team. So 13 plus 3 plus 1 is 17.

— Emma Myers

She even made sure to give a song recommendation to showcase the members’ charms and picked “To You.”

When the video was shared on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, the clips amassed millions of views instantly. In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over how much she loved showing her passion for SEVENTEEN, along with how relatable she was, as many CARATs had the job of explaining the group to friends.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before there is an IRL interaction between Emma and the members.

You can read more from the interview below.

“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Recommends This SEVENTEEN Song To Fall In Love With The Group

Source: The Tonight Show