WEi’s Kim Yohan’s Heartwarming Conversation With His Younger Sister Will Have You Melting

Why aren’t our brothers like that?

WEi‘s Kim Yohan is known for his closeness to his younger sisters. They grew up close as they all trained in Taekwondo. They even appeared in his episode of The Manager.

He showed off his close relationship with his sister once more recently. Posting a few screenshots of his conversation with his sister, Kim Yohan, made fans’ hearts melt with how caring he was with his sibling.

He saved her as “maknae Bo Eun,” along with the emoji for a family. It turns out that she had recently sent him money after earning some money for herself.

| @y_haa.n/Instagram
  • Boeun: “I know you don’t need money, but I’m giving it to our family as it is money I received through my skills. Money doesn’t come in well in college, so I’ll work hard [now]!”
  • Kim Yohan: “Did you send me money?”
  • Boeun: “It’s not a lot, but mom decided on ₩50,000 KRW (about $39.30 USD).”
  • Kim Yohan: “You sent it to me??”
  • Boeun: “Yes. To everyone in our family.”
  • Kim Yohan: “LOL”
  • Boeun: “I gave our parents ₩300,000 KRW (about $236 USD).”
  • Kim Yohan: “You’re all grown up, even giving out pocket money. How can I bear to use it~?”
  • Boeun: “I consider it money I earnt myself hehe.”
| @y_haa.n/Instagram
  • Kim Yohan: “So proud of you~ But why do our parents get ₩300,000 KRW (about $236 USD)? Are you discriminating?”
  • Boeun: “Mom decided on it LOL”
  • Kim Yohan: “Oh boy, LOL”
  • Boeun: “She didn’t give me the authority over it LOL.”
  • Kim Yohan: “Next time, if you receive money, save it slowly. Got it?”
  • Boeun: “Yes sir. I should put it into savings.”

Boeun, Kim Yohan’s youngest sister, is currently 16 years old in Korea. Given her skills in Taekwondo, it is likely she earnt the money through competitions.

| @y_haa.n/Instagram

What a heartwarming relationship the two have!