BTS’s Jin Is Getting Trolled By Technology…Again

He was sabotaged by the anti-fan of all humans: technology.

Unlike millions of fans, today’s technology has no love for BTS‘s Jin. The audacity!

For instance, last year Jin tweeted two photos from a shopping trip. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice a teeny tiny mistake until it was too late to fix it.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

The emoji covers the Balenciaga brand name on Jin’s bag in the first photo, but not the second one. Oops!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

In reply, Jin left this funny comment on Weverse“No I covered my shopping bag, why did the sticker move down?”

Now, technology is trolling him again. Today, Jin dropped by Weverse to hype the final episode of Mnet‘s I-LAND, which BTS appeared on as mentors.

| Jin/Weverse

“I came back after watching the I-LAND finale,” he wrote in the caption. “ENHYPEN, fighting.” 

Unfortunately, the text covered Jin’s Worldwide Handsome face, and he was not pleased about it. “What is this?” he wrote in the comments, “How do I move the writing?” (Someone, please help him.)

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