BTS’s V Had ARMY Worried, But It Was All A Misunderstanding

Fans became very concerned about V’s happiness.

If ARMY has one wish for BTS, it’s that the members will be happy and healthy, always.

The separation caused by the COVID-19 the pandemic is hard for everyone, including BTS. In a recent interview with Voguesaid, “I think I just want to see ARMY and get on stage before I age even more,” making his members laugh.

Between promoting “Dynamite” and preparing for their next album, BTS is busy. Maybe too busy? Fans became concerned when V wrote a message on Weverse that the app auto-translated to this:

The real meaning of V’s message is significantly different. He wrote, “It’s been so busy recently, so I haven’t been able to come by here a lot. Since I’m shooting lots of videos for ARMY and working hard on my schedules, please look forward to it.”

After seeing more accurate translations, ARMYs are relieved that V is doing well and enjoying his work behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an auto-translator has misinterpreted BTS’s words. It happened to Jimin too!

Google Translate Did BTS’s Jimin Dirty…Yet Again

Source: Vogue