Google Translate Did BTS’s Jimin Dirty…Yet Again

This isn’t the first time Google Translate has gone rogue.

Jimin has something important to say, but it’s lost in translation…again!

| @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Auto-translation services like Google Translate are supposed to make communication easier, but sometimes there’s a huge difference between the translation and the original text. The results can be confusing…

…or just completely wrong.

BTS’s members are no strangers to the pitfalls of auto-translators, but lately Google Translate seems to have it out for Jimin.

Back in July, Jimin posted about his new hair. The caption was supposed to translate to, This was JiJinJung. Good night, I love you”. Instead, Google Translate gave ARMY this inaccurate weather report; “It was an earthquake well. Good night. Love it.”

Now, Jimin’s birthday message for RM is getting the Google treatment. The caption for this tweet is supposed to say, Happy Birthday to our Namjoonie. Have many blessings and don’t be sick #JIMIN #MoniBirthdayCongrats.” 

Instead, Google mistranslated “Namjoonie” to “my boyfriend”. 


This isn’t the first time an auto-translator has edited BTS’s birthday messages. Who can forget Suga’s iconic birthday message?

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