BTS’s V Went From Maknae Liner To Grandpa In Minutes 

He proved that biological age and real age are not always the same.

is living proof that biological age and actual age can be two very different things!

Recently, Vogue released a new making-of video for BTS‘s “Dynamite” performances at the Video Music Awards (VMAs). Throughout the video, the members talk about their preparations for the show, the meaning behind “Dynamite”, and more.

| @vmas/Twitter

During the interview, V went from being a mischievous maknae liner to being a grandpa by teasing Jimin

…and playing with Jungkook‘s hair and earrings…

…to aging fifty years in five minutes. V is only 24 years old, but the pandemic is making him feel much older these days. It’s been too long since he’s seen ARMY!

When V said this, his members laughed and asked how old he is.

Sounds like he has taken all the years with him,” Jimin said.

Watch the video here: