BTS’s V Hasn’t Forgotten The Promise He Made To ARMY 3 Years Ago

He made this deal with fans back in 2017.

It’s said that an elephant never forgets, and neither does ARMY.

When BTS‘s V makes a promise to fans, he does his best to keep it, no matter how much time has passed. For example, in August 2019 he promised to frame The Simpsons fan art he asked ARMYs to draw for him.

Can you draw me as a Simpson? I want to frame it. I want to see a V Simpson and a Tannie Simpson too. ARMYs who are good at drawing, if you have time, just once.

— V   

Nearly a year later, V tweeted a photo of himself posing below this larger than life portrait. Not only did he frame ARMY’s art, he hung it up in his home!

That brings us to the famous promise V made three years ago. When BTS attended the 2017 Global V Live Top 10, V said that if BTS’s V Live channel reached 20 million followers, he would show his abs.

Now that ARMYs have achieved that goal, some are wondering if V will make good on his promise soon.

On June 9, one fan playfully reminded V about it on Weverse“Oppa,” they wrote. “you made us a promise..!! If you got more than 20 million followers on V Live, you said you’d show us your baby tummy TTT”

ARMYs would have been understanding if V decided to break the deal, but it looks like it’s still happening…eventually.

V wrote back, “There’s no set time I have to do this by, right?” 

Although fans would be thrilled to see V’s abs ASAP, they’ll wait forever if they must!

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