Weverse Introduces “Fan Letter” Feature To Talk To Your Favorite Artists — Here’s What It Means

This is so cool!

Weverse just introduced a new feature to express your love for your favorite artists. Starting today, you will be able to send customized virtual heartfelt letters through the app.

Fan letter examples | Weverse

The service allows fans to write, decorate, and send personalized virtual letters that expresses both their creativity and love for their artist. You can also use templates and stickers to customize it exactly how you want.


TXT Fan letter | Weverse

You can access the feature by going to a community on the Weverse app and/or website and clicking “Fan Letter” located in the “Artist” tab.

Click on the “Fan Letter” button in the “Artist” tab | Weverse

By clicking the “All” tab, you can see fan letters from everyone. In the “My” tab, you will find letters you have created.

Use the “All” or “My” tabs to look at all of the fan letters or just your own | Weverse

Decorate your fan letter using all of the tools below, including stickers, calendars, emojis, templates, text, drawing tools, and more.

Decoration examples | Weverse

Fans are allowed to send up to 3 letters per month for free. If you want to send more fan letters, you can purchase more fan letter vouchers using Weverse Jelly (an in-app currency for Weverse).

| Weverse
Source: Weverse