Weverse Now Allows Refunds For Fans Of GFRIEND, But They Made One Fatal Mistake In The Process

Personal information of Buddies were leaked.

Previously, it was reported that fans of GFRIEND were angered due to Weverse‘s refund policies, which prevented them from receiving a cash refund on memberships. As GFRIEND has since left Source Music, they will no longer be on Weverse. Buddies began seeking refunds on their memberships, especially for those that had bought up membership periods of a year. However, Weverse only offered refunds in the form of Weverse cash points, which only can be used in the Weverse Shop.

On June 9, 2021, it was reported in Korean media that Weverse Shop staff had been calling up Buddies one by one to inform them that they will be giving out cash refunds. However, a fatal error occurred on the part of Weverse.

As the refund process kicked off, they forgot to restrict the refunds form results. This caused people who access the link to be able to see the bank account numbers, legal names, and email addresses of Buddies who had applied for refunds.

A Korean Buddy noticed the error and immediately alerted people on social media. They advised fans to stop filing for refunds for the time being.

Eventually, the error was fixed and the results were turned private again. Weverse representatives have yet to speak up on the matter.



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