ARMYs Report Weverse For Not Sending Purchased Goods After Membership Expiration

This is not the first time they have been reported.

ARMYs have recently reported Weverse shop to the authorities after a series of troubles with the ARMY MEMBERSHIP: MERCH PACK. It was previously reported in 2020 that Weverse shop would begin selling these merch packs for a total of 175,000 KRW ($150 USD). The one time payment would cover 4 packs to be sent over the course of a year, with one pack sent each quarter. Inside the packs would be a variety of goods, including a blanket. Shipping however, would be charged separately and at each quarter.

While the merch packs already faced controversy last year with the high price and separately paid shipping, fans are disappointed yet again with the terms of the merch pack. It was reported that some fans even recently reported the issue to the consumer courts and center.

According to fans, some of them did not receive subsequent rounds of merch boxes that had already been paid for, if their membership period for the Merch Packs had expired or been separately renewed. The packs had already been delayed in shipment, and due to the unsatisfactory answer provided by Weverse shop, fans had no choice but to report the matter.

Fans claimed that it was only after the reports that Weverse shop gave them a call to explain that their box would be sent the next quarter after they paid for shipping separately. However, fans were unhappy with the answer.

Fans have shared their displeasures with Weverse shop, including the varied shipment dates due to problems with stocks as well as the lack of tracking numbers for the boxes. This has caused a large portion of fans to have been unable to receive their boxes yet.

Furthermore, the unfair terms of the Merch Pack was revealed. According to the terms and conditions, one has to purchase the original membership to the Merch Pack option in the beginning, which gives them access to purchase the shipping for the 4 Merch Boxes. To receive the Merch Boxes, one needs to remember to pay the shipping on time for each box. However, if you forget to pay the shipping and the time period for your membership expires, you will receive neither the box nor a refund.

This is not the first time Weverse shop has faced complaints and issues. Hopefully, they will rectify the matter soon!

Source: theqoo