What Really Makes LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” Choreography So Difficult, According To Chaewon

It leaves them out of breath by the end!

LE SSERAFIM‘s choreography for their comeback song, “ANTIFRAGILE,” has received praise from K-Pop fans for its high difficulty level and the members’ flawless execution.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Chaewon shared what she personally thinks makes it so challenging to do.

The topic was broached when she was asked, “It seems like it would be tough to enjoy something as challenging as “ANTIFRAGILE.” (laughs) Was it not hard learning and performing the choreography when it’s so intense?

According to the leader, there are two reasons why the choreography is so difficult: there are many group formation changes and the beat doesn’t stop.

These two combined means they don’t have any time to rest during the song. Being three minutes long, it’s an intense workout!

There’s a lot of group formation changes in the choreography and the beat is nonstop, so there’s no time to rest.

— Chaewon

However, it was a challenge the members were willing to take on. Chaewon, for example, practiced it so much that she developed a muscle memory for it. Once she had the choreography down, she worked on her facial expressions.

But anyway, I practiced until I developed a muscle memory for it, and tried to have fun doing it, and I think I got better at doing the facial expressions as a result. There’s lots of parts in the choreography where we show off our arm muscles and all the movements are so different from anything I did before.

— Chaewon

At the end of the day, she thinks everything about “ANTIFRAGILE” is fun. She was also excited to be trying out a genre that she had never done before.

It was fun. I wasn’t really that familiar with that genre of music, so I was curious and excited to see how we would pull it off. Now I know I can pull something like that off.

— Chaewon

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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