Wheesung’s Agency Addresses His Recent Struggles With Family, Friends, and Mental Health

Realslow Company addressed Wheesung’s recent struggles.

Wheesung was recently discovered passed out in a public washroom with sleeping medication and needles, and just 2 days after his release, he was found in the washroom of a hotel, passed out from the same medication.

In light of the 2 back-to-back incidences, Wheesung’s agency, Realslow Company released an official statement detailing Wheesung’s current state.

Read the translated statement below:

This is Realslow Company.

First, we apologize for worrying fans with unfortunate news.

As a result of Wheesung’s father’s passing, the passing of a friend shortly after, and difficult circumstances last year, Wheesung is having a very difficult time.

On the day he was discovered in a public washroom, he had left home and cut off all communication with his family, and after testing negative for illegal drugs during his police investigation, he was sent home.

But after returning home, he still had thoughts of committing extreme acts, and showed signs of depression and panic, so he was hospitalized. He’s currently partaking in mental treatment, and he’s also cooperating with the police on his investigation.

He will continue to actively participate in the investigation, and he will continue his treatments with his family as soon as it’s complete.

Wheesung feels very regretful and apologetic for his negative actions.

We sincerely apologize to everyone for the worries we’ve caused.

– Realslow Company



Source: Dispatch