Wheesung Spotted Making a Mysterious Drug Deal Prior to Passing Out in a Washroom

The exchange prior to his passing out was captured on CCTV.

MBN recently shared footage of singer Wheesung making a mysterious drug deal with someone he met online prior to being discovered passed out with drugs.


On March 31, Wheesung was found passed out in a washroom of a residential building in Seoul.

And his whereabouts right before he passed out were captured on CCTV and shared by MBN.


In the footage, Wheesung got out of a taxi, glanced around, and then made a call.


A moment later, he was seen meeting up with a man in a parking lot, and after exchanging a few words, he received a black bag and checked its contents.


The man is predicted to be the man who sold Wheesung the sleeping medication, and in a police testimony, Wheesung confessed, “I made the drug deal with someone I met online.



Wheesung was wearing a mask and hat at the time, and 30 minutes after he was seen entering the building, he was discovered passed out by a witness.


According to the witness, there was a bag containing needles and bottled fluid at the scene, and Wheesung continued to shiver as if he was convulsing.

At first, he couldn’t even understand what I was saying, and he gave me very strange answers.

– Wheesung


Wheesung was tested for drugs, and he was found to have consumed sleeping medication with no illegal drugs detected in his system.

But the sleeping medication he acquired is impossible to buy without a doctor’s prescription, which could be a problem for Wheesung.

A police informant stated that Wheesung confessed to having used propofol recently and that they’ve secured evidence as well.

Singer Wheesung Under Investigation Again By The Police For Alleged Illegal Use Of Propofol

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Source: Dispatch