Actor Wi Ha Joon Astounds Fans With His Sexy K-Pop Dance Cover At Recent Fan Meeting

“That man literally can do anything!”

Actor Wi Ha Joon has continually attracted netizens’ attention, whether for his incredible acting in series like Squid Game and Little Women

Wi Ha Joon in “Little Women”

His astounding stunt work in Bad and Crazy

Wi Ha Joon in “Bad and Crazy”

His handsome, sexy visuals

Or his incredible K-Pop dance covers.

Recently Ha Joon left fans at a loss for words with his dancing at his first fan meeting, which was held in Manila.

Wi Ha Joon’s fan meeting | @wi__wi__wi/Instagram

Fans loved the fan meeting, admiring his real-life visuals.

His kindhearted personality.

His entertainment skills.

And his highly anticipated dance covers.

But what fans weren’t expecting to see was Ha Joon’s cover of Rain‘s “Rainism.”

| @D0HYUNSOO/Twitter  
| @D0HYUNSOO/Twitter 
| @D0HYUNSOO/Twitter 
| @D0HYUNSOO/Twitter 

Not only did fans praise his dance skills…

But they had no words for how sexy the dance was.

Ha Joon certainly continues to impress fans with his immense range of talents.

You can read more about the talented actor here.

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