Wife Of Legendary First-Generation Idol Is Criticized For Allegedly Feuding With Fans

“It seems like she’s trying to shame the fans…”

Netizens criticized Lee Eun Joo, who is the wife of Shinhwa‘s Andy, for allegedly feuding with fans.

Andy (left) and Lee Eun Joo (right) | @eunju_ana/Instagram

On March 21, Lee Eun Joo uploaded DMs that she’s received from fans and announced that she would be canceling a previously scheduled couple’s livestream event to commemorate Shinhwa’s 25th anniversary.

| @eunju_ana/Instagram

In one of the messages, a fan criticizes Lee Eun Joo for being part of the celebration and asks that she “Read the room.” According to the fan, they would have no issue if the couple decided to hold a livestream on any other day but stated that Shinhwa’s 25th anniversary should be held celebrated between the fans and the group’s members.

I am not complaining about any livestreams you guys hold on any other day, but March 24 is different. What do you mean you will hold a couple’s livestream on March 24? Is he unable to do it without his wife? If you guys are going to do it, you should have posted more content. Since you haven’t, what do you mean you’re holding a couple’s livestream on March 24? Please don’t mess up a good day, and please read the room. I know you won’t read it if I write this here, but I’m venting because I am so pissed off.

— Netizen

In another message, a fan asks Andy’s wife to understand why the fans would be upset. According to the message, the fan stated that they and Shinhwa’s fandom would like to spend the group’s 25th anniversary without the members’ wives.

Lee Eun Joo then captioned the DMs, curtly writing that she wouldn’t be holding the livestream.

I won’t do a livestream on March 24.

— Lee Eun Joo

Netizens criticized Lee Eun Joo for not only planning to hold a couple’s livestream on the 25th anniversary of Shinhwa but also drew ire for uploading the DMs as if trying to shame the fans.

| theqoo
  • “You can hold as many couple’s livestreams as you’d like, but why on the group’s debut date of all days? I’m not sure there would be many people interested, but it’s a new idea…”
  • “LOL, I’m seriously like, WTF?”
  • “I feel bad for the fans, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Did the wife really need to upload the DMs? She could have just canceled the couple’s livestream and instead held a Shinhwa livestream or an event… It seems she’s trying to shame the fans. Even if that is true, she shouldn’t be feuding with the fans who feed her husband.”
  • “(The fans) did nothing wrong… Why are you holding a couple’s livestream… She even uploaded the DMS.”
  • “Just because you married (a member) doesn’t mean the fans will be a fan of you… I’d understand if he was a solo artist, but he’s in a group.”
  • “Couple’s livestream, LOL. No one even cares about the wife, LOL. She’s trying to shame the fans.”

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Source: theqoo
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