WINNER and iKON posed into rivalry once more following news of overlapping promotional schedules

YG Entertainment’s WINNER and iKON are being paired for rivalry once more as news of their respective promotional dates are speculated to have overlapped. 

On October 30th, it was reported that WINNER will be releasing four music videos, two of which were secretly filmed in Sweden, leading to the questions regarding to their official comeback date. WINNER is regarded to be one of the artists with the most anticipated comeback by fans having released their debut album last year. Unfortunately, due to their hectic overseas promotions and concert tour particularly in Japan, news of their comeback were not confirmed.

The sudden announcement of their music video details, however, started speculations that they will be returning closer to iKON’s debut follow-up promotions. The possible overlapping in their schedules sparked more discussions on their rivalry.

It can be recalled that YG Entertainment posted an announcement about iKON’s promotional plans confirming the postponement of their follow-up promotions to November 16th, followed by their album release on December 14th.

If the possible overlap is true, the two groups will be put on a rivalry stance once more since contending for YG ENtertainment’s WIN: Who Is Next. 

Source: TVReport