WINNER’s Hoony Is All Too Relatable During Their Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival Performance

Fans couldn’t stop laughing.

WINNER was one of many groups that performed at this year’s WATERBOMB Festival.

WINNER | @maetamong/Instagram
| @maetamong/Instagram

At the iconic annual festival, idols usually get attention for their performances, outfits, or even professionalism.

And while WINNER certainly showed off their incredible performance skills, captivating the crowd…

Hoony, in particular, is being noticed for a very different reason. In a video of WINNER’s performance that he uploaded to his Instagram, Hoony suddenly appeared on stage with a box of donuts.

| @maetamong/Instagram 
| @maetamong/Instagram 

Fans couldn’t get over how comfortable Hoony must have been to start eating a donut during his performance.

While others pointed out that it’s extremely relatable since most people would get hungry after playing in the water.

And some fans are just completely confused about how Hoony even got the donuts in the first place.

But regardless of the donut, WINNER certainly gave a memorable performance that has fans very excited for the group’s upcoming comeback.