WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon Finds Out Yang Hyun Suk Wanted Him Eliminated From An Audition 12 Years Ago

That was then—how about now?

On an episode of tvN‘s Dancing Queens on the Road, WINNER‘s Lee Seunghoon shared a hilarious moment with K-Pop legend BoA.

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Lee Seunghoon appeared on the show with fellow WINNER members Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo, and they gave advice to divas BoA and Uhm Jung Hwa on how to perform at university festivals.

WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon, Kang Seungyoon, and Kim Jinwoo performing at Korea University | @maetamong/Instagram

During their discussion, BoA suddenly mentioned that she judged Lee Seunghoon over ten years ago. In 2011, Lee Seunghoon started his music career by competing in the first season of the audition program K-Pop Star. BoA was one of the judges for the show.

Lee Seunghoon and BoA in “K-Pop Star” Season 1 | SBS 

Twelve years later, Lee Seunghoon and BoA were on the same television program, and now he was advising BoA. Finding this situation fascinating, BoA reminded everyone of how the two first met.

Twelve years ago, he was a kid getting judged by me!

— BoA

Lee Seunghoon on “K-Pop Star” Season 1 | SBS  

Lee Seunghoon poked fun at BoA, reminding everyone she was tried to get him eliminated on K-Pop Star.

But [BoA] nuna tried to get me eliminated. She doesn’t have an eye for it.

— Lee Seunghoon

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Then BoA had a comeback that had them squealing with laughter.

Hey, but can I tell you something? The person who wanted to eliminate you the most was Yang Hyun Suk.

— BoA

Yang Hyun Suk was one of the three judges on K-Pop Star, alongside Park Jin Young representing JYP Entertainment and BoA representing SM Entertainment.

BoA, Yang Hyun Suk, and Park Jin Young (left to right) | SBS

As a member of WINNER, Lee Seunghoon is currently under YG Entertainment, which means his boss is Yang Hyun Suk. Finding out the CEO of his label wanted him eliminated, Lee Seunghoon quickly thought of a comeback for the comeback.

Nuna, did you know? He still wants to eliminate me.

— Lee Seunghoon

Lee Seunghoon getting eliminated on “K-Pop Star” Season 1 | SBS

As they all laughed, Kang Seungyoon hopped in on the joke, saying Lee Seunghoon was even now “hanging on by a thread.” And Lee Seunghoon continued by saying he has managed to stay put despite his CEO “wanting him gone.”

Lee Seunghoon truly knows how to shine and make people laugh on reality television shows—from K-Pop Star to this hilarious moment with his sunbae twelve years later.

Source: tvN/YouTube


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