WINNER MINO’s Father Passes Away

Our condolences.

WINNER MINO‘s father has passed away. The rapper, who is also known by his other names Song Mino and Song Minho, will be entering a stage of mourning with his family.

According to an investigation by Sports Chosun, his father passed away on November 21, 2022. He had been suffering from a chronic illness and finally moved on. MINO has voiced his concerns for his father on public broadcast prior, lamenting that “although he is fine [at time of broadcast], I worry a lot.

MINO’s father was recently hospitalized and had begun to receive treatment, but could not overcome the illness ultimately. MINO is currently grieving by the deathbed, as with Korean tradition.

MINO was known for his close relationship with his family. His parents, especially his father, inspired his song “FEAR,” which helped him win first place on Show Me The Money.

MINO’s father during Show Me The Money. | Mnet
Source: Chosun


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