Woman acquitted for allegedly spreading rumors of Lovelyz Jisoo’s sexual orientation

Two years after Lovelyz‘s debut, the verdict is in for the accused who tried to defame girl group member Jisoo twice.

Woman “A”, the person who had spread rumors about Jisoo being homosexual, was acquitted from her actions although Woollim Entertainment filed for defamation of character against her.

She was first sued by Woollim in 2014 for spreading false rumors online, claiming Jisoo had previously committed homosexual rape to other women. In the following year, Woman A (who was under summary indictment with bail) reached a settlement with Woollim, agreeing to cease spreading the false rumors.

Woman A later added two women, B and C, to her team, ignoring the reached settlement with Woollim. Woollim claimed, “Woman A invited Women B and C to join her in maliciously slandering Jisoo all over again. They contacted all the online news and media outlets just to bring up the same rumors, which were already deemed groundless and false by the prosecutor’s office, and made themselves look like the victims again. Not only did they did defame Jisoo’s image again, but they also breached the settlement.”

Unfortunately, the Seoul Supreme Prosecutor’s Office deemed there was not enough evidence and ruled in favor of Woman A.

Woman A’s allegations had caused a major dent to Lovelyz’s 2014 debut and the investigation has been a lengthy process, with the accused receiving a monetary penalty in 2015.

Source: Aju News