Woman Breaks Into Starship Entertainment Building And Makes Physical Contact With CRAVITY, Police Investigating

She was able to contact CRAVITY.

A woman broke into the Starship Entertainment building and was able to reach CRAVITY. Now police are investigating the case.

Starship Entertainment made the announcement on their official Twitter account, sharing that the police will be investigating the case.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

Today, there was an unfortunate incident where an unidentified individual broke into our office building and made contact with our artist.

The individual entered our building, which has protective measures such as fingerprint recognition, without permission and approached the CRAVITY members as they were waiting for their schedule inside the office building. The individual made physical contact with the members.

The manager accompanying CRAVITY immediately reported the incident to the police, and asked the dispatched officer to accompany the individual out of the building. However the individual did not comply and caused a disturbance for a while instead. We have provided the CCTV footage from both inside and outside the building to the police, reported the individual for both unauthorized entry and unwanted physical contact, and an investigation is currently underway.

We would like to strongly remind everyone once again that visiting the office and dorms is strictly prohibited. In the event of such an incident, punishment will be levied without any settlements.

We will also do our best to protect our artists so that this situation does not happen again. We sincerely ask for your cooperation for the safe meeting between the artists and the fans.

— Starship Entertainment

Source: Xportnews


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