Won Bin Revealed To Be Actively Considering Scripts To Make His Comeback In 9 Years

Will he make a comeback in 9 years?

It’s been 9 years since Won Bin has starred in any film or dramas. His last project was “The Man From Nowhere”, which was a massive hit at the box office and a globally acclaimed film.


As his absence from the screens continued to grow longer without any word, a close acquaintance from the industry revealed that he’s actively looking to make his debut after a long hiatus.

The public has a misunderstanding, but Won Bin isn’t against making another project. He’s actively going through different scenarios to find a creative project.

But because he’s very specific with his reviews, he hasn’t been able to sign any contracts yet.

— Won Bin’s Acquaintance


Won Bin was rumored to be starring in the Korean remake of the English Film “Still Life” back in 2016. Although the Korean scripts were made, Won Bin allegedly rejected the offer to star in the role at the end. The production team is reportedly still trying to amend the script to fit Won Bin’s opinions, but Won Bin is also searching through other projects.

Throughout the past 9 years, Won Bin has mostly been seen in public through modeling and endorsements. Even his rare appearance at a fan signing last year made headlines as fans were curious if he was gearing up for a comeback. Despite the rumors, his agency had only repeated that he was “reviewing offers.

Not only are his fans dying to see him on screen again. Famous director Bong Joon Ho confessed his wish to see Won Bin on screen again as they’ve grown close after working on the film “Mother” back in 2009.

I think Won Bin should film a movie as soon as possible. I personally think he’s a good actor who hasn’t been given his due.

— Bong Joon Ho


His wife, actress Lee Na Young, previously revealed that Won Bin does want to make a comeback and hopes it will be sometime soon.

I think Won Bin also wants to tell a story through a film project like me. I think there hasn’t been a story he wishes to tell yet, so he’s still contemplating. I think he wants to tell a story about humanism. Since there aren’t a lot of projects like that, it’s been hard.

But he’s opening his view more and I believe he’ll make a comeback soon. Since it’s been a long time, he’s been getting criticized without meaning to.

— Lee Na Young

Here’s to Won Bin making his comeback soon and putting an end to this drought for all his fans!

Source: isplus
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