Won Bin Rumored To Be Retiring From Acting, His Agency Responded

He was rumored to be retiring from acting and only modeling.

Won Bin‘s new pictorial with a golf wear brand was released and rumors began circulating that he was retiring from acting.


The rumor arose when the gold wear brand asked the media to refrain from addressing Won Bin as an actor in the reports. They explained that his agency requested that they refer to him as a model instead of an actor.

There’s one thing that we’d respectfully like to request. We’re very sorry but please refrain from using the word ‘actor’ in your reports.

This was a request made by Won Bin’s agency.

— Golf Brand Representative


Considering that Won Bin hasn’t acted in any movies or dramas since his last project with “Man From Nowhere” in 2010, many speculated that this meant his retirement as an actor.

Won Bin had only been active the past 9 years as an endorsement model for various brands.


His agency soon clarified that Won Bin is not retiring from acting and that he was referred to as “model” instead of “actor” to highlight the brand better. They had a lax response to the rumors as they comically claimed that Won Bin was “almost forced to retire.

We checked the news reports late, but we can see how it became a misunderstanding.

We believe that he was asked to be referred to as a model rather than an actor because it has a better promotional effect from the brand’s perspective. The brand representative claimed that we asked that he not be called an actor but I think they were mistaken in their words. We never said that.

We all wondered what was going on. Isn’t the title model or actor a discretion made by the reporters? He was almost forced into retirement.

This is the first time we’ve experienced this so we’re shocked as well. We can only laugh at this situation.

— Won Bin’s Agency


They explained that it was all a misunderstanding and that Won Bin will return with a new project as an actor in the future.

We ask that everyone not misunderstand the situation. [Won Bin] will greet everyone with a good project.

— Won Bin’s Agency

Source: Sports Seoul and Herald Pop