Wonder Girls’ Yeeun signs an exclusive contract with Amoeba Culture

Yeeun will continue to promote as HA:TFELT and will also be Amoeba Culture‘s first female artist.

After initial rumors linked Yeeun to Amoeba Culture following Wonder Girls’ disbandment, it has been confirmed that she will be joining the company.

Amoeba Culture released an official statement announcing the signing.

“As of April 7, 2017, Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, also known as Ha:tfelt, will be joining the Amoeba Culture family as a solo artist.

Yeeun was part of one of K-Pop’s representative girl groups Wonder Girls and she has also shown a lot of potential as a musician as HA:TFELT.

Amoeba Culture will continue to work with her to make sure that Ha:tfelt will be able to continue to show off an even broader musical spectrum and different images through her uniqe talents.

We have always had an open mind about working with one of K-Pop’s representative girl groups in the Wonder Girls.

We would also like to express out thanks to Park Jin Young, JYP Entertainment’s representative producer, for all of his advice, support, and encouragement he has given to Yeeun these past 10 years.

We sincerely welcome HA:TFELT, Amoeba Culture’s first female artist in 11 years!

We hope everyone can show their interest and encouragement in HA:TFELT’s new path.

Thank you.”

— Amoeba Culture

Yeeun also took to Instagram to express her feelings about joining Amoeba Culture, saying,

“I have a new family..!! Thank you for the warm welcome. As Amoeba Culture’s first female artist, I will do my best to show everyone good music..!! Please watch over me.”

— Yeeun

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