Wonder Girls’ Yeeun updates her Instagram for the first time after relationship announcement with Jinwoon

It has only been a few days since Wonder Girls’ Yeeun was revealed to be in a relationship with 2AM‘s Jinwoon and the female star has updated her Instagram account after the dating news was revealed.

The JYP Entertainment artist is seen in the picture with her fellow member, Hyerim, at the launching event for HERA 2016 F/W ‘5 Romantic Lessons’. This is the first public event Yeeun has attended since her dating announcement with Jinwoon was revealed.

Both ladies from Wonder Girls were both elegantly dressed, matching each other in white and tan colors. Yeeun on the left sported a creamy white sweater and a tan skirt, while Hyerim wore a white long sleeved blouse and tan bell bottom pants. Both showed their class, while smiling and waving to media and fans at the fashion event and rocking the styles of the Hera fashion brand. The two of them definitely show that they are ready for autumn to arrive.

가을색에 쥐약인 #여쿨녀(28)?와 왠만한색 다 잘받는데 골드는 더잘받는 #갈웜녀(25)☺️#Hera

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