Wonho And Kiiara’s “Ain’t About You” Was Originally Supposed To Be Way More Explicit

He wishes that he could include any lyrics he wants.

Wonho has revealed that his song “Ain’t About You,” featuring American singer-songwriter Kiaara, was originally more explicit.

Kiiara | WONHO/YouTube

“Aint About You” was released in 2021 on Wonho’s Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us album. The breakup song is sassy but only contains two curse words, sh*t and p*ssed.

I know you’re probably p*ssed
To know the world don’t circle ’round you now, oh well
This ain’t about you, this ain’t about you
This ain’t about you, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
This ain’t about-
How you stay out ’til 4:00 a.m.?
How you can’t tell me where you’ve been?
Go and get that sh*t out your head

— Wonho and Kiiara’s “Ain’t About You” lyrics

Now, Wonho has revealed that the lyrics were a lot more explicit.


In an interview with MTV, Wonho was asked if there is a song that boosts his confidence. His response was Gayle‘s 2022 hit “abcdefu.”

Wonho explained that he personally couldn’t use such explicit language as the F word in his own music due to Korean broadcasting regulations. K-Pop idols frequently appear on music shows to promote their new music, so they can’t curse in their lyrics. Even recently, some of BTS‘s songs from their new album Proof were deemed unfit for music shows.

You can’t include swear words in Korea because it won’t get through the broadcasting regulations.

— Wonho


Wonho revealed that “Ain’t About You” was originally meant to include the phrase “F*ck you.” Of course, fans recognize that this hadn’t made the cut.

In one of my songs, ‘Ain’t About You,’ the original lyric included things like ‘F*ck you.’

— Wonho


Much to his dismay, the lyrics for the song were softened. Wonho expressed a desire to release more raw songs in which he can say whatever he wants.

Although there is that raw version as well, we ended up cushioning it. Seeing that makes me want to make songs where I can just say whatever I want to get across to listeners.

— Wonho


Similarly, girl group (G)I-DLE spoke about prejudices against K-Pop idols using “bad words” in their lyrics. So, their song “TOMBOY” from their comeback album  I Never Die contains a beeping noise in place of “f*cking.* Yet, they released an explicit version on CD and recently performed it at The Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival.

Soyeon: I heard only 19 and over can attend [this event].

Yuqi: That day has finally come!

Soyeon: We can finally perform the original version of “TOMBOY.” It’s our first time [performing it]. You guys know we have more fun if you guys sing along, right? Then let’s practice once before.

Watch Wonho’s full interview with MTV below:

Source: MTV

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