Wonho Reveals The Reasons Behind His Style Choices For Instagram And Performing

“I want to show myself like the real me.”

Wonho has gained a reputation beyond just being an amazing and talented singer, dancer, and songwriter. His Instagram following continues to grow (currently, he’s at 2.3 million), and for a good reason. His account is unique from the average idol. His feed alternates between photos of things he finds interesting and photos of himself that many would dub as “thirst traps.” 

Some fans even wonder what exactly goes through Wonho’s head to make him post some of the things he does. In a recent interview with Allure, he explained that it’s simply his form of self-expression. So, he wears laid-back clothes in laid-back environments.

I love being comfortable around people, around my fans. So I wear comfortable outfits.

— Wonho

Wonho isn’t one to shy away from fashion. He has tried just about anything from crop tops to mesh and lace. He did, however, reveal that he just doesn’t like anything too restricting. He said, “I don’t really like suits or anything that’s too dressy.”

Even when it comes to his hair, he says he prefers to keep it short for a similar reason. “I like shorter hair, in general,” He explained that it is, again, to be more “comfortable and natural with who I am as an artist.”

Performing is no different. For Wonho, it’s not about putting on a show. On the contrary, he wants fans (WENEEs) to not only be entertained but feel connected to him.

I want to show myself like the real me, how I am on a daily basis and perform as myself on stage. …I feel a responsibility to fill the stage by myself.

— Wonho

Even when it comes to Wonho’s occasional artsy photograph that he posts amongst his muscle-baring selfies, it’s again yet another way for WENEEs to feel closer to him. He wants to share his life with them.

I usually post things that I like… I post things that are happening in my daily life.

— Wonho

Perhaps one of the things that makes Wonho’s Instagram so special is how organic it feels. It doesn’t feel necessarily planned or staged like most celebrities or influencers that we tend to see online. It feels more like a friend. A really handsome and talented friend but a friend nonetheless.

Check out Wonho’s music video for “Ain’t About You” featuring Kiiara:

Source: @iwonhoyou and Allure


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