Woo!ah!’s Nana Reveals How Brave Girls Came To Participate In Their Dance Challenge

The two groups don’t know each other personally, and here’s how they came to meet!

Brave Girls was seen participating in woo!ah!‘s Tiktok dance challenge for their song “Purple”, and member Nana revealed how the story behind how it happened!

Recently, Nana, TRI.BE‘s Songsun, and BlingBling‘s Yubin guested on MBC FM4U‘s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope, where they talked about their comeback songs with Kim Shin Young!


During their time on the show, Nana talked about the group’s most recent title track, “Purple”, and revealed that Brave Girls had participated in the dance challenge for the song!

Nana shared that though they don’t actually each other personally, Brave Girls participated in their challenge because of their CEO! Prior to becoming the CEO of NV Entertainment, Kim Kyu Sang also served as a choreographer and worked for other notable acts, such as Apink, and also made appearances on shows such as Sister’s Slam Dunk!

Nana revealed that Brave Girls are former students of his, and that he also created many of their choreographies!

We don’t have a direct relationship with Brave Girls, but they are students of our company’s CEO. The CEO of our label created choreography for Brave Girls.


Brave Girls | @BraveGirls/Twitter

Nana then delivered a video message for Brave Girls, thanking them for dancing to “Purple”, and for their kind wishes and compliments!

Thank you so much for participating in the ‘Purple’ challenge. Thank you for smiling kindly (to us) and for showering us with compliments.


| @wooah_nv/Twitter

woo!ah! recently made their comeback with the single album Wish, and title track “Purple”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Sports Today

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