WOODZ Posted “COLORFUL TRAUMA” Concept Photos And Fans Are Starstruck

The soloist is known for his unique fashion choices and model-like visuals.

On April 25th, soloist WOODZ released concept images for his upcoming mini album, titled COLORFUL TRAUMA. While all of his new photos look stunning, one photo in particular is catching the attention of MOODZ around the world.

WOODZ bares his abs in “COLORFUL TRAUMA” promotional picture | @woodz_dnwm/Instagram

This photo gained over 350,000 likes on Instagram and 29,000 likes on Twitter, filled with comments of fire and blushing emoji. With WOODZ showing off his cinched waist and defined abs under his crop top, MOODZ have flocked to social media to show their praise.

Between WOODZ’s six-pack and his new music, some MOODZ are moved to tears.

Others are wondering if the photo will be a tangible part of the album.

However, WOODZ’s abs aren’t the only aspect of the photo garnering attention.

Some MOODZ are curious about the pistol tattoo visible on his stomach.

While WOODZ has many tattoos on his body, this specific detailed tattoo is deeply imbued with meaning for him.

Close Up of WOODZ’s gun tattoo on stomach | Ceci Korea

A few fans are taking note of his pose in the image, coining it the “WOODZ pose”. COLORFUL TRAUMA isn’t the first time WOODZ raises his arms above his head in a crop top for photos, giving viewers a glimpse of his midsection.

He has previously used a similar pose in a photoshoot for the March 2020 issue of DAZED Korea, as well as in the concept photos for his SET album in 2021.

WOODZ poses with his hands in the air for “SET” promotional picture | @woodz_dnwm/Instagram

No matter the reason, with his stunning photo, WOODZ is already generating lots of hype for COLORFUL TRAUMA. The mini album will be released on May 4th.

Source: WOODZ Official Instagram and WOODZ Official Twitter