“The World Of The Married” Kim Seon Kyeong Confesses To Having Spent $40,000 Out Of Her Own Pocket For Her On-Screen Wardrobe

Now that’s dedication.

If you’ve watched one of the hottest dramas of 2020, JTBC‘s The World Of The Married, you probably know Kim Seon Kyung, who played the mother of the infamous affair woman, Yeo Da Kyung, played by the talented actress, Han So Hee.

But on a recent episode of SBS‘s Do You Eat, Kim Seon Kyung confessed to spending thousands of dollars out of her own pocket for her character’s wardrobe.

On the show, Kim Seon Kyung revealed that she spent a lot of money on her wardrobe on the drama, and when asked just how much, she didn’t hesitate to reveal the exact numbers.

I spent almost 2 to 3 million won (~$1700 – $2500 USD) per episode.

— Kim Seon Kyung

Taking into account that The World Of The Married has 16 episodes, that’s as much as 48 million won (~$40,000 USD)!

And Kim Seon Kyung made the unfortunate confession that she didn’t get many sponsorships regardless of her dedication.

I haven’t gotten many sponsorships.

— Kim Seon Kyung

In any case, thanks to Kim Seon Kyung’s dedication, she portrayed her role of Yeo Da Kyung’s mother perfectly, and it can’t be denied that she looked absolutely killer.

Some of the netizens’ comments include “Her passion is impressive“, “She had to pay for that on her own?“, and “That mustn’t have been an easy decision to make…

Now that’s what you call dedication.

Source: Insight