The World’s Largest Sports League, The NFL, Features BTS “Dynamite” During Super Bowl Weekend Awards Ceremony

BTS performing at the Super Bowl when?

If you haven’t realized BTS‘s “Dynamite” is one of the biggest songs in the world, then here’s some more proof! The National Football League (NFL), the largest sports league in the world based on revenue, featured the song during their Super Bowl Weekend festivities.

| Big Hit Entertainment

The Super Bowl is considered one of the largest sporting events in the entire world, and the weekend leading up to the Super Bowl is filled with award ceremonies and celebrations based on the regular season. The NFL held their awards ceremony celebrating the top athletes during the 2020 regular season, and “Dynamite” was featured as the background music when introducing the top offensive players of the year.

Naturally, ARMY were surprised at the “collaboration” as it was something completely unexpected!

Check out the clip of “Dynamite” being featured on Super Bowl Weekend below:


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