Wu Yifan (Kris) Unhappy As Yet Another Rumor Spreads Concerning His Family

Wu Yifan continues to be plagued by negativity with the Chinese media making a report on his personal life once again. This time, the artist expressed his frustration on his SNS. 

The most latest scandal regarding the former EXO member concerns his paternity.

On July 5th, rumors regarding Wu Yifan’s paternity spread online after a Chinese online portal published a post. According to the post, the artist/actor’s parents divorced during his childhood and he was raised by his mother. There was little information regarding his father.

The rumor that has spread is relatively detailed. It reveals that his father is a Tsinghua University graduate who is currently working as the director in one of the branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. However, the rumor was quickly quelled as a false rumor when the Chinese Academy of Sciences reveal there was no such position (화남소) on their SNS.

Following the rumor spread, Wu Yifan took to his own personal SNS to voice out his feelings, writing, “No one should cross that line. I have no concern of what you do to me. Just don’t cross the line when it comes to my family.” 

With another movie set to be released soon, Wu Yifan is finding himself in a subsequent negative publicity nowadays with the last concerning his relationship with an alleged ex-girlfriend who posted photos of the two in bed.

Source: TV Report