X1 And IZ*ONE’s Performance In MAMA 2019 Not Guaranteed

It’s usually the largest stage for the winning “Produce” groups.

X1 and IZ*ONE may not attend the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards due to the vote manipulation controversy.

IZ*ONE was originally confirmed as part of the first lineup of performers with X1 being a foregone contender as one of the top rookie groups this year.

According to an official, however, CJ ENM (parent company of Mnet) is still on the fence about allowing the two groups to participate in their biggest year-end show.

This is usually where the winning groups from the Produce series are given the largest stages to perform.

CJ ENM has yet to make a decision whether IZ*ONE and X1 will attend this year’s event. The X1 and IZ*ONE members as well as broadcasting companies have differing opinions on whether to attend the event.

– Broadcast official

Like how X1 is reportedly divided over whether to keep the group going or to disband, they are also unsure if they want to attend the Mnet Asian Music Awards at all.

The likely decision, said the same official, will be like in the V Heartbeat Awards where the group’s attendance will be cancelled.

It seems highly likely that X1 and IZ*ONE will be absent.

– Broadcast official

As a result of the public scrutiny, he stated that everyone is tense among the organizers and companies at the moment.

MAMA 2019’s internal atmosphere is the worst ever.

– Broadcast official

The annual Mnet Asian Music Awards will be held on December 4 in the Nagoya Dome, Japan.

Source: Naver