X1 Just Held A Reunion To Celebrate Their First Anniversary

They got together for the first time since disbanding.

The members of X1 just held a reunion to celebrate their 1 year anniversary of their debut.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, the members of X1 gathered at an undisclosed location in Seoul just yesterday, August 27, to celebrate the group’s first anniversary together.

10 out of the 11 members were present at the reunion, with just Kim Yohan unable to attend due to his schedules for his first solo single “No More.”

This is the first publicized meeting of the members being together following their sudden disbandment in January 2020. It has been reported that during this meeting, the members held a long conversation together and resolved any remaining misunderstandings.

X1 was formed through Produce X 101 in 2019, and quuckly rose to the top of the Boy Group hierarchy. However, the group was also plagued with a vote manipulation scandal, which ultimately resulted in thwir disbandment.

Source: SpoTV