X1’s Center Kim Yohan to Make His Debut as an Actor Following Group Disbandment

Kim Yohan snagged a lead role in an upcoming KBS drama.

In light of recent news of X1‘s disbandment, it’s been announced that Kim Yohan will be making his debut as an actor instead of an idol.

According to Ilgan Sports’ report, Kim Yohan will be starring as the main lead in the upcoming KBS drama, School 2020.

School 2020 is a drama about high school students who have yet to face reality out in the real world.

Kim Yohan will play the character of a former Taekwondo athlete who suffered an injury causing him to lose his future as an athlete.

His character, Kim Tae Jin is a mature kid who had many life experiences for his age, but in front of the girl he likes, he’s just an innocent boy with flushed cheeks.

Just like the character, Kim Tae Jin, Kim Yohan was also a skilled Taekwondo national representative before trying out for Produce X 101.

Since there seems to be a lot of resemblance between Kim Yohan and Kim Tae Jin, there’s a lot of anticipation for how he’ll portray the role.

The drama is set to premiere this August.


Source: Insight