“XO, Kitty” Star Gia Kim Shocks Fans By Revealing Her Real Age

She’s Lee Sang Heon’s older sister!

Netflix‘s To All The Boys franchise spin-off “K-Drama” XO, Kitty, breakout stars Gia Kim, who plays Yu Ri, and Lee Sang Heon, who plays Min Ho, shocked fans (and even their co-stars) when they revealed they are siblings in real life!

Yet, the shock doesn’t end there.

Recently, Gia Kim celebrated her brother’s birthday with a sweet post on Instagram. She even included childhood photos, and netizens were surprised to see that she clearly was the older of the two based on the photos.

Previously, it had been revealed that Lee Sang Heon is 27 years old, about a decade older than his character. So, if he’s 27… How old is his sister?!

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The two appeared on Dumbfoundead‘s Fun With Dumb podcast. During it, Gia Kim cleared things up regarding her age. She revealed she is actually turning 31 on November 4!

We’re four years apart, and I wanna say this right now because the internet is getting my age like all over the place. Sang Heon is 27, just turned it over the weekend. I’m 30. I’m turning 31 this year. My birthday is not April. It’s November 4, 1992.

— Gia Kim


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Netizens were stunned by the information. They couldn’t believe she was 30 years old as she totally passed as a teenager in XO, Kitty. She’s actually eleven years older than her co-star Anna Cathcart (Kitty).

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Watch the full podcast episode below.

XO, Kitty

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