Yang Hyun Suk Leaves The Police Station After 9 Hours Of Investigation

He covered himself up to avoid photos.

Yang Hyun Suk was called into the Seoul District Police Station for questioning regarding his accusation of soliciting prostitutes for foreign investors.


After 9 hours of questioning, Yang Hyun Suk was released from the police. He first arrived around 4 pm and left around 1 am the next morning.


He covered himself with a black mask and black hat to avoid the press.


Despite his attempts to avoid the media, reporters bombarded him with questions about the many accusations set against him. He refused all questions as he kept silent on his way to his vehicle.

This was Yang Hyun Suk’s first questioning by the police pertaining to his prostitution scandal. The police are still investigating him for possible tax evasion, corruption, and interference with a drug case.

Source: Star News

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