Police Summon Yang Hyun Suk For Investigations On Allegations Of Providing Sexual Favors

He is now being investigated.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency have began their investigations on Yang Hyun Suk and the allegations made against him that he provided sexual services to foreign investors.

Police have not considered him as a suspect, which means he is being considered as a witness, and are investigations are currently underway. Yang Hyun Suk recently made a comment about the allegations against him, which also brought suspicions of the possibility of police collusion.

I understand that the allegations of sexual favors against me will soon be handled with an internal investigation by the police, without any charges being filed.

Yang Hyun Suk is currently suspected of assisting with providing sexual favors to wealthy investors, gifting the prostitutes involved with wealthy gifts, and arranging a vacation for 10 prostitutes and Malaysian billionaire Jho LowPSY, who was also present at one of the dinner gatherings where sexual favors were allegedly provided, recently completed his first round of investigations.

Stay tuned for more updates about Yang Hyun Suk’s scandals.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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