Yang Hyun Suk Accused Of Arranging Europe Vacation For Malaysian Investor And 10 Prostitutes

He is accused of setting up a vacation for them.

Yang Hyun Suk has been hit with his second round of allegations regarding the idea of arranging sexual services as MBC‘s investigative program Straight has accused him of arranging a vacation to Europe for a wealthy Malaysian investor and 10 prostitutes.

They first revealed that the day before Yang Hyun Suk and PSY attended the dinner where sexual favors were also offered, sexual favors were also available the day before. Jung Madame called in one of her girls, “A” to attend to the investors that night. According to the informant, the scene at the adult entertainment establishment was not a good one.

It was as if the investors could do whatever they wanted to.

— Informant

The next day, a dinner was held for Thai investor “Bob” and Malaysian investor Jho Low. One month later, Yang Hyun Suk arranged for a vacation to Monaco, France for Jho Low and a group of 10 prostitutes to go on together.

The group of women who work in the adult entertainment industry in Gangnam did a lot of shopping as a group. Jho Low paid for everything, and this incident is very famous.

— Informant

Earlier in the month, Straight reported that Yang Hyun Suk rented out a high-end traditional Korean restaurant in July 2014 and hosted “Bob” and Jho Low, along with 25 prostitutes. At that time, Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment drew the line, saying that they were only present due to an invitation from a friend, and did not know of any sexual favors occurring that night.

YG Entertainment Denies Claims Of Yang Hyun Suk Providing Sexual Favors To VIP’s

Police recently called in “A”, who was also one of the 10 prostitutes invited to the Europe trip with Jho Low, who denied providing sexual favors. The police will continue to investigate this case and secure the identities of the women involved, and attempt to determine whether there were any sexual favors offered.

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