Yang Hyun Suk Reportedly Claimed He Uses Special Methods To Prevent His Artists From Testing Positive On Drug Tests

He revealed it all while threatening Han Seo Hee.

Han Seo Hee‘s lawyer recently interviewed with KBS, where she revealed that Yang Hyun Suk threatened Han Seo Hee to keep quiet.


He allegedly threatened that he could ruin her claims easily while preventing his artists from testing positive on drug tests by “sending them to Japan“.

I can easily make you have the disadvantage.

None of our company’s artists would test positive on drug tests even if you test them right now. We do routine testing for drugs, and even if they did use drugs, we can send them to Japan to get rid of all traces so that they don’t test positive.

— Yang Hyun Suk’s threats according to Han Seo Hee’s lawyer

He allegedly pressured her to stay silent by giving her money and hiring a lawyer for her case so that his artists wouldn’t be called into the police.

I don’t want our artists to have to report to the police for these kinds of issues. I’ll give you enough compensation and put you with a good lawyer, so go back to the police and change your statement.

— Yang Hyun Suk’s threats according to Han Seo Hee’s lawyer


According to her lawyer, Han Seo Hee used marijuana with iKON‘s B.I around April 2016. When B.I later requested for LSD, she personally delivered it to him near his dorm, and he personally pulled money from a nearby ATM to pay her.


Han Seo Hee had confessed all of this to the police before she was called in to see Yang Hyun Suk. Despite her initial claims, no investigation was started on B.I or YG.

According to the informant, her lawyer wasn’t defending her but appeared to be a proxy for Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment’s side. Yang Hyun Suk wrote down every single detail on a memo and coached the lawyer to say exactly that.

Before the informant met Yang Hyun Suk, she was arrested by the police and she told them the truth. During the first questioning, she confessed that she used marijuana with B.I, solicited LSD to him, and the time, date and location of when it happened. She told them the truth but no investigation was initiated.

— Han Seo Hee’s Lawyer


Han Seo Hee personally admitted that she was “A”, the acquaintance involved in B.I’s drug allegations. Her previous post had also resurfaced as it was speculated to have been the day she was called into Yang Hyun Suk’s office to keep quiet.

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