Yang Hyun Suk’s Email That He Sent To His Employees After Prostitution Accusations Leaked

The email he sent to his employees were revealed.

Yang Hyun Suk had sent a mass email to his employees at YG Entertainment after MBC’s Straight claimed that he solicited prostitution to his foreign business partners.

Since then, YG Entertainment had spoken on behalf of their CEO and denied all claims and accusations.

Yang Hyun Suk also took the same stance in his email to his employees. He first apologized for causing everyone to worry, but he firmly declared that he was innocent. He promised that the “truth will be revealed to the world soon.

He also thanked everyone for helping to grow YG and vowed to protect the work that they’ve done so far.

Check out his full letter below:

First, I think I should express my deep apology to everyone.

I am embarrassed by the worries I’ve caused because of the recent news report. The day after the news broadcast was the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death, so I had no time while traveling to the far countryside.

The accusations from the broadcast that aired on the 27th are not true at all. I never once committed the illegal acts that the broadcast mentioned or have done anything that would embarrass me in front of you all.

I believe that the truth will be revealed to the world soon.

YG was able to continue growing over the last 23 years thanks to everyone’s effort and exceptional creativity that was put into achieving our dreams. I’m in a position where I must protect that dream. I will never forget the heavy responsibility that I hold.

— Yang Hyun Suk

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