Yang Se Hyung Dishes Whether Or Not He Has Ever Liked The Same Girl As His Brother Yang Se Chan

The age old question between the brothers has finally been answered.

On the most recent episode of SBS‘s Dolsing Fourmen, comedian Yang Se Hyung dished on some familial secrets regarding his comedian brother, Yang Se Chan.

Yang Se Chan (left) and Yang Se Hyung (right) | @ysh6834/Instagram

As one of the guests for the episode, there were some questions directed at Yang Se Hyung and of course, most of them were regarding his younger brother as well. The first question that got the ball rolling was in regards to the two brothers’ visuals, “who is better looking between Se Hyung and Se Chan?”

Still from “Dolsing Four Men” | SBS

The rest of the show’s crew voted on who they believed was better looking, to which their unanimous decision was in Yang Se Hyung’s favor. However, it was following this question that led to another interesting, but hilarious question by Lee Sang Min“have the both of you ever liked the same girl?” 

Lee Sang Min asking his question | SBS

After pondering for a moment, the comedian shared that while there was once a time when he thought a girl was “pretty,” she ended up dating his brother.


There was a girl that I thought was pretty…but I found out she was dating Se Chan. That’s the extent of it. But I was proud of him for dating someone so beautiful.

— Yang Se Hyung

With a room full of comedians and entertainers, the weirdness factor had to go up a notch—which was done by the one and only Kim Jun Ho. The comedian jokingly asked Yang Se Hyung if he secretly “adored” his brother’s girlfriend.

Comedian Kim Jun Ho (left) | SBS

Oh…so you never adored her or anything like that?

— Kim Jun Ho

This question made Yang Se Hyung erupt into uneasiness, as he blurted out that he wouldn’t dare!


He’s my younger brother! I can’t do that hyung!

— Yang Se Hyung

Yang Se Hyung and Yang Se Chan are just one year apart, with Yang Se Hyung being the older brother. The two entered into the comedian entertainment industry around the same time, with Yang Se Hyung debuting in 2003 and Yang Se Chan debuting in 2005.

Yang Se Hyung (left) and Yang Se Chan (right) as children | @ysh6834/Instagram

Ever since, the two brothers have experienced popularity on different platforms, as they went on to see massive success throughout the nation.

Yang Se Hyung is currently a fixed cast member on numerous different variety programs, such as King of GolfOmniscient Interfering ViewMaster in the House, and more. Yang Se Chan is a cast member on Comedy Big LeagueRunning ManFly Shoot Dori—New Beginning, and more.

Yang Se Hyung (left) and Yang Se Chan (right).

You can check out the hilarious snippet from Dolsing Four Men down below!

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