Yang Ye Won Defends Remarks Made About Deceased Manager on Live Broadcast

Yang Ye Won defended the remarks she made in a live broadcast.

Yang Ye Won, who is famously known for accusing a modeling agency of sexually assaulting her during a photoshoot, recently came under fire for mentioning the deceased studio manager in chilling threats made against netizens.

She shocked netizens by making threats such as “Should I kill you, too?” and “Go kill yourself“, but in a later post, Yang Ye Won defended herself claiming that she was simply “saying the same things back.

Regarding the criticism she received for the remarks she made, Yang Ye Won responded,

No matter what I do, you use a bunch of photos to make up any real or fake stories you can come up with.

You always cuss me out telling me to die, that you’re going to kill me, and recommending that I kill myself.

You guys always threaten me with death and make chilling remarks through comments and DMs every single day.

But when I say the same thing back to my harassers, I’m suddenly a psychopath?

– Yang Ye Won

Yang Ye Won continued,

What’s dirty, evil, and chilling is your duplicity and your rotten fingers that make it typical to tell us to die and let out your anger on us. Oh, also, the person who asked, ‘Is the YouTube video trueeeeeee?’ isn’t just a normal viewer. That’s a malicious commenter who always leaves mean comments. It’s so comical that the culprit is always seen as naive and innocent.

– Yang Ye Won

Back in May 2018, Yang Ye Won accused a modeling agency of sexually assaulting her during a photoshoot and spreading nude photos of her online.

She later sued the manager of the studio, Mr. Jung for indecent assault.

During a police investigation after filing a countersuit for false allegations, Mr. Jung expressed that he was wrongly accused in a will and committed suicide.

Source: Insight