Yang Yoseob’s Agency Urges Sasaengs to Stop Stalking the Idol During His Military Service

Once photos of him working on the streets of Seoul were shared, Sasaengs started going around looking for him.

Ever since Highlight‘s Yang Yoseob enlisted in the military to serve as a conscripted policeman, photos of the idol working on the streets of Seoul have been shared online, leading to more and more Sasaengs searching for him on the streets.

In response, Yang Yoseob’s agency, Around US Entertainment posted an announcement on their official homepage.


They started their message with, “Thanks to all of your support, Yang Yoseob is working hard during his military service, but due to his fans’ overwhelming interest in his whereabouts, Yang Yoseob has been put in a difficult position.


They then explained, “It’s not a problem if you coincidentally run into him on the streets, take photos, and share them on social media, but there have been many fans who took those photos and went looking for him on the streets and followed him around.

According to Yang Yoseob’s agency, due to such events, not only is Yang Yoseob in a difficult spot, but it’s also preventing his colleagues from being able to fulfill their duties as well.

The agency sympathized with the fans’ desire to seeing Yang Yoseob in person, but they requested that they try not to look for him or follow him around since there are rules and regulations these officers must follow.

Source: Insight