YG Confirms Seungri Used Their Corporate Card To Pay For Japanese Investor Hotel Fees

YG confirmed it.

During the recent investigations regarding Seungri’s potential usage of the YG Entertainment corporate card to pay for the hotel fees for Japanese businessmen, YG Entertainment has confirmed Seungri did indeed use their card.

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A representative from YG Entertainment commented on the situation.

It is true Seungri used the corporate card, but he later settled the costs.

It is normal for famous celebrities to use this kind of advance payment plan.

— YG Entertainment

Police have called in YG Entertainment’s manager of accounting and other staff to investigate the Seungri’s 2015 Christmas party and whether the YG corporate card was used for the hotel payment.

As of now, 23 people have been placed under detention for charges relating to Burning Sun, including drug charges, illegal hidden camera filming and distribution, and tax evasion. Police have also confirmed they will be applying for Seungri’s arrest warrant this week.

Source: KBS

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