YG And Department Of Defense Responds To Claims That G-Dragon Is Illegally Making Profit From His New Exhibit

G-Dragon’s exhibit is estimated to make a huge profit.

A special art exhibition for G-Dragon was launched in Taiwan. The exhibition, titled “Untitled 2017” after the singer’s last solo album, will be touring all across Asia. The exhibition features artworks by G-Dragon that was created before he enlisted back in February 2018.


As the exhibit was predicted to make over $1 million USD in profit, many netizens claimed it was against the rules for G-Dragon to make commercial profit while he’s serving in the military. G-Dragon still has about 2.5 months of service left as he’s expected to be discharged on October 26.

However, the Department of Defense looked into the matter and claimed G-Dragon was not breaking any rules as he has not participated in the exhibition and solely his works from before his enlistment were taken to create copies.

G-Dragon’s involvement in the exhibition is not considered commercial activity. The artworks were created before he enlisted, and since this is a one-time event, this would be considered his personal activity as an artist or writer.

— Department Of Defense


YG Entertainment also released a statement emphasizing that G-Dragon took no part in the exhibition besides having his old paintings be taken to be printed for merchandise. Although UNWRAP, a subsidiary company under his brand PEACEMINUSONE, is taking part in the production, the exhibit is simply an event to celebrate G-Dragon’s birth month.

G-Dragon’s paintings that he created before his enlistment were taken to be reproduced as acrylic prints to be sold as merchandise. The MD producing company UNWRAP is collaborating with a Chinese partner, called IMPRIDGE, to create this exhibit in celebration of G-Dragon’s birth month, August.

— YG Entertainment