YG Entertainment Asks Fans Not To Visit The Location Of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung’s Military Discharge

YG has asked fans not to go, due to health concerns.

YG Entertainment has released a statement to fans who are looking forward to BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung‘s military discharge.

On BIGBANG’s official website, a post was uploaded about the guidelines fans should follow when visiting the military discharge locations of each of the members. The post is an appeal to fans to not visit the location of the members’ military discharge.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

This is a notice about the military discharge for G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung in October and November.

The military bases where G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung are stationed are at the border land, where the African Swine Fever (ASF) has been detected. In order to prevent the virus from spreading further, the quarantine system is being increased, and it is recommended that this area should not be visited.

Authorities have also requested extra caution, so we ask that fans refrain from visiting the location of their discharge, in order to prevent the virus from spreading further, and for your safety.

We want to thank the V.I.P who have been waiting for G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung’s military discharge, and once again, we would like to ask fans to refrain from visiting their military discharge.

— YG Entertainment

G-Dragon is scheduled to be discharged from the military on October 26, while Taeyang is scheduled for discharge on November 10. Daesung’s discharge will be one day later than Taeyang’s, November 11.

Source: Osen