Netizens Grow Even More Suspicious After YG Entertainment’s Sudden Computer Server Inspection

Experts say files and data can be deleted through such an inspection.

Following reports that indicated YG Entertainment hired specialty disposal companies to destroy documents and files, it has been revealed that the agency recently conducted a server inspection as well.

On February 27, YG Entertainment held an official server inspection. Through a prior announcement, the company notified that “some websites will temporarily be closed due to the official server inspection of YG channels” and that “it will take approximately 3 hours from 7 am to 10 am.”


While Yang Hyun Suk posted a statement clarifying the facts about the disposal trucks, netizens have been growing ever more suspicious after hearing the news of the server inspection. YG Entertainment has stated that both the document/file disposal and server inspection are simply being conducted on a regular basis, but people have been wondering why they would conduct these procedures at this time and induce more suspicion.


The websites that were affected by the server inspection were YG’s official homepage, YG LIFE, Fan Club Zone and the recruitment website.


On February 28, YG Entertainment called a specialty disposal company to come early in the morning to pick up tons of documents and files. On the same day, Seungri reported to the police for an 8-hour long investigation on all of his scandals and some correlated these two events to come up with the theory that YG may have been trying to destroy evidence.

YG Entertainment Caught Hiring Specialty Disposal Company To Destroy 4 Tons Of Documents And Files


Now, with the server inspection, more people have been suspecting that YG could be trying to delete data in their internal network. One software expert indicated that the company’s data such as messenger and email can be deleted through a server inspection.

YG Entertainment has responded by claiming that the inspection was a regular server inspection. And while it is the first time in 6 years that an announcement for an inspection was posted on YG’s official homepage, they claimed that inspection announcements were privately sent to employees on a regular basis.

Source: Hankyung