Yang Hyun Suk Responds To Reports Of Disposal Trucks At YG Entertainment

“I hope this helps with the false information.”

Reports have claimed that YG entertainment hired a specialty disposal company to come early in the morning to destroy company documents and some suspected that it was related to Seungri‘s investigation.

YG Entertainment Caught Hiring Specialty Disposal Company To Destroy 4 Tons Of Documents And Files


In response to the reports, Yang Hyun Suk has taken to Instagram to share a few images that he hopes would “help with the false information”. He first uploaded a screenshot of the reports about the disposal trucks that were seen in front of the agency.

“I hope this helps with the false information.”


He then added a note, which explained the details about the agency’s use of the disposal company.

“I was curious myself so I checked.

-It is a procedure we’ve done annually every 3 months/quarterly
-We routinely notify all employees 10 days before
-The disposal company contacted us after the reports were released/The company said that the items (they took) were not destroyed and have been temporarily stored in the storage

Ps; I hope this helps with the false information”


He then shared a document that indicated the schedule for the disposal, which showed that the disposal was scheduled for February 28, 2019.


The same documents for 2018 were also uploaded.


Finally, Yang Hyun Suk shared a screenshot of an email that was sent out to the YG employees on March 1st. the email notified the employees that the items that were sent to be disposed of have not been destroyed and are temporarily being stored.

“[Announcement] Notice on 2019 quarterly disposal storage

The ‘2019 quarterly disposal’, which has been regularly carried out for each department each quarter has been collected on February 28 as previously announced.

However, immediately after the malicious reports released on the day of collection, we have requested that the company does not destroy the items and store them in order to minimize unnecessary misunderstandings.

As a result, all ‘2019 quarterly disposal items’ that were sent by each department have not been destroyed and are temporarily being stored by the company.”


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